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Landlord Strategy & Negotiation

Are you a new Landlord who needs guidance on entering into an Assured Shorthold Tenancy with a Tenant?  I can talk you through all of the requirements you will need to have in place in order to ensure that you act in accordance with your legal responsibilities as a Landlord.  It is vital that you are compliant as any failures could result in problems in gaining possession of your property in the future.

Are you an established Landlord who has a Tenant in arrears of rent? Are they in breach of other terms of the Tenancy Agreement? If so, I can review all of your relevant documentation and liaise with your Tenant on your behalf to try and resolve any issues.  Should those negotiations be unsuccessful, I can advise you of the strategies available to help you move forwards.

Notices & Possession Claims

There are strict procedures that must be followed in order to regain possession of your property from a Tenant. If those procedures are not followed, this will delay (sometimes quite considerably) a Landlord gaining an Order for Possession. 

The first step is to serve a valid Notice Seeking Possession on your Tenant.  Once that notice period has expired, you can then issue Court proceedings for an Order for Possession.  It is very important that the Notice is completed and served correctly.  If it isn’t and you later issue Possession Proceedings, when a Judge reviews the documents, they will strike out i.e. cancel your claim, leaving you having to start the process all over again.  This will significantly delay the process and cost you more money.

I can remove the stress and uncertainty by preparing and serving the Notice Seeking Possession, ensuring that it is valid and will be accepted by the Court should you need to issue possession proceedings.

Enforcement of Judgments

Unfortunately, sometimes despite Court Orders being granted giving Landlords possession of their properties, Tenants do not leave the property by the date set.  When this happens, you will need to apply to the Court Bailiff for a Warrant of Possession.  Should you try to evict the Tenant without this, this will be an illegal eviction and they may claim against you for an injunction or financial compensation.  

I can prepare and submit the application for the Warrant to the Bailiff and liaise with them regarding the appointment for eviction, return of keys and securing of the property.  

Similarly, if you secure a money judgment for rent arrears or damage done to the property and the Tenant does not pay the sum ordered by the Court, I can review, advise you on and take enforcement action to try to recover the money for you.


I work on an open and transparent basis when it comes to pricing and fees. The information below is intended as a guide to the fees charged for the most common areas of work I undertake for clients. 

Before we agree to proceed with any work, a clear outline of all fees will be supplied to ensure you are comfortable with the costs involved. In addition to my fees, there will certain disbursements that you will need to pay which I will confirm once I know the scope of the work involved.

Please note, that I am not registered for VAT





Review of Papers

Conduct an initial review of all documentation and information (NB, should you proceed to instruct me to serve Notice Seeking Possession, the cost of this review will be deducted from my fee for serving Notice on your behalf)


Serving Section 21 Notice

Preparation and service of Notice


Serving Section 8 Mandatory Notice

Preparation and service of Notice


Serving Section 8 Discretionary Notice

Preparation and service of Notice


Serving of Both Section 8 and Section 21

Preparation and service of both Notices


Issue Section 21 Accelerated Possession Proceedings

Prepare Claim Form, submit to Court, request judgement



Issue section 21 Possession Proceedings

Prepare Claim Form, submit to Court, prepare for Hearing, representation at Court


Issue section 8 Possession Proceedings

Prepare Claim Form, submit to Court, prepare for Hearing, representation at Court


Issue both Section 8 and Section 21 Possession Proceedings

Prepare Claim Forms, submit to Court, prepare for Hearings, representation at Court


Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement

Prepare an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement specific to your requirements


Warrant of Possession

Prepare Request for Warrant, submit to Bailiff, liaise with Bailiff


Instruct Tracing Agent & Review Prospects of Rent Recovery

Provide Tracing Agent with required information, review and advise on prospects of rent recovery


Letter Before Action

Prepare and send letter to Defendant prior to issuing Court proceedings


Issue Proceedings for Debt Recovery

Prepare Claim Form, submit to Court, prepare for Hearing, representation at Court