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Preston Tenant Eviction Specialist Solicitor

Helping Landlords Legally Remove Problem Tenants

Do you need to legally evict or remove a non-paying or disruptive tenant from your Preston rental property? As a landlord, you must follow proper procedures under tenant eviction law or risk disputes and delays regaining possession. I can guide you through the entire process.

Legally Evicting Tenants in Preston

To legally evict tenants, landlords must take these key steps:

  • Serve written notice to vacate and in addition, pay arrears within 14 days

  • Initiate court eviction proceedings if needed

  • Obtain court orders for eviction and arrears

  • Instruct bailiffs to forcibly remove non-compliant tenants

Tenant Eviction Notice Periods

The notice period for evicting tenants depends on if they violated the rental agreement. For tenant eviction cases with confirmed lease breaches, between 2 weeks' to 2 months' notice is typically required. To evict tenants without a breach to sell or renovate, 2 months' notice is standard.

Why Hire Tenant Eviction Solicitors?

Navigating the tenant eviction laws and procedures is complex. I can provide you with:

  • Assistance resolving landlord-tenant disputes

  • Efficient modern legal services 

  • Clear information on my fees

  • Good communication and regular updates

Based near Preston, I have over 15 years’ experience and am ready to help you through this process. Contact me on 07587 653098 or via my online form to start legally evicting your tenant.

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